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Ground Dance

In the course of a boat trip, the sound topography of a lake or river bed is recorded by means of an echosounder that measures the underwater landscape. An audio software is rendered audible by means of data transformation.

What’s your name? How are you?

Sunlight in its polychrome appearance is a natural part of our life as well as the sound polyphony. Both kinds of waves influence our living space continually. They penetrate everything.

Sun Rite

Statement „The project Sun Rite“ „Sun Rite“ is a cyclical crossover artwork that is, like itself, forever coming into being. It contains moments of insemination… Weiterlesen »Sun Rite

Singing Mountain

GEUMGANG NATURE ART BIENNALE 2006  SOUTH KOREA PROJECT „THE SINGING MOUNTAIN“, FIVE MONOLITHS SOUNDSCAPE „STONE RITE“ –  MONOLITHS SONG Maria Dundakova, Sound performance [grandmp3 id=488 autoplay=false] Project „STONE… Weiterlesen »Singing Mountain

Hey Wave!

MARIA DUNDAKOVA: „HEY WAVE!“, 18 OCTOBER TO 15 NOVEMBER 2007 STIFTUNG BRASILEA, WESTQUAI 3, CH-4019 BASEL The Basel artist Maria Dundakova (born in Sofia, Bulgaria,… Weiterlesen »Hey Wave!

A cloud in the city

Sharjah’s urban space is part of the work in that the Gravitation project should be able to interact with it.

Die Wolke

SICHTBARER UND HÖRBARER ÖKOLOGISCHER DIALOG IN LINZ KULTURHAUPTSTADT EUROPA 09 „Die Wolke“ markiert Präsenz über den Dächern von Linz und am Himmel der Stadt. Sie… Weiterlesen »Die Wolke


YATOO ARTIST IN RESIDENCE 09 Geumgang Nature Art Biennal, South Korea [ti_audio media=“452″] . Link to image gallery


Project „GEO TOPOS“ green & hot Magnetic-field landscape, photography cycle  


PROJECT THE SUN CITY „GRAVITATION RHYTHMS“ Dialog between an indoor area and an outdoor area Video Installation and soundscape „Gravitation rhythms and Atlantic“ song

Expanded Painting

Gruppenausstellung „Expanded Painting“, Dialog: Wien / Basel
Maria Dundakova, Ilse Ermen, Max Grauli, Susanne Lyner, Nikol Schmolzer