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A cloud in the city

Gravitation “A cloud in the city”

5 Graviton” objects with and without a cloud. LED light by night


Sharjah’s urban space is part of the work in that the Gravitation project should be able to interact with it.

The five „Gravitons“ – round objects up to 3m in diameter – each will have an inflatable plastic cushion inside.
Each is surrounded by small water jets, which transform the water into a dust‐like fog. This fog spreads and creates a hollow space reminiscent of a cloud. At the perimeter of the graviton, where the small water jets are mounted, there is a tube of LED lighting that goes around the object. This light will be of a pale sky‐blue color. All five gravitons together create a bluish cloud.

The project dimensions depend on the location, which will be chosen in agreement with the Biennial authority. Possible locations are the rooftop or courtyard of the Biennial. The definitive cost also depends on the location chosen.

Visitors can sit or lie on cushions and take pleasure in the sound of the dunes and enjoy the fresh, cooling fragrance of the cloud. At the same time, recorded sounds of the ocean will be broadcast over theaudio spotlight system at sunrise and blend in.

The composed sound will be steady, relaxing and resonarecorded on site and composed as a song of the dunes.

Two audio spotlights will operate up to 200m as a narrow beam.
People inside the beam will be able to listen to the sound whand middle frequency range.

1. Five gravitons: by night

„GRAVITON“ inflatable object
Surrounded by water jets mounted underneath
Blue LED light inside and outside the object Jets Fog Led light= Cloud

“Graviton” object with and without a cloud. LED light by night

© Maria Dundakova 08