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2022 „Art Territory Community“ Rio Grande Biennale 2022 Argentina, Participation

BALANCE. 1970–1990: Kunst, Gesellschaft, Umwelt‘ Kunstmuseum Solothurn 15 Mai -31 Juli
Mit Agnes Barmettler, Ueli Berger, Joseph Beuys, Heidi Bucher, Miriam Cahn, Judy Chicago, Renate Eisenegger, Agnes Denes, Maria Dundakova, Hans Haacke, Ana Mendieta, Ulrike Rosenbach, Beatrix Sitter-Liver, Doris Stauffer und George Steinmann
2020-21International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen
Landscape of Emotions – „It hurts me!! You hear that quiet red heartbeat!!“
2020Reserva Cultural Niteroi EIXOArte, Rio de Janejro
International online Exhibition „Colectiva“ participation with Videos and „Le Sacre du Printemps“, large size painting

Kunsthaus Grenchen 20 Jahre Kupferdruckwerkstatt Gentinetta (Jubiläumsprojekt)
Participation: «Architecture of the light» Project
2019Art Teleported Brooklyn NY
„City of now project“, CICA MUSEUM BROOKLYN

Reserva Cultural Niteroi EIXOArte, Rio de Janejro
International Exhibition „ Singulier Pluriel“ , video installation „Gravitation“

8 Beijing international Art Biennale
China National Art Museum, Beijing Selected Work: Painting „The source“
2018Exhibition „Unlimited“ Winterthur, Switzerland
Participation with “ House of Ballads“ from the „At home – Farmhouse“project.
Sculpture in garden: „House of ballads – architecture of feelings“, material: historical plain tile roof tiles from the Brickworks Museum.
Gallery installation: from the „At home – Farmhouse“ project

Solo Exhibition Gallery Arosita for contemporary Art
From the Stone Rite project Sofia Bulgaria
  • CICA MUSEUM South Korea
    CONZEPT 2017:the 3rd International Exhibition on Conceptual Art 
    Duration of Exhibition:13th to the 29th of October, 2017
    Selected Work: Maria Dundakova(Switzerland) «ATLANTIC SONG»
    Duration of Exhibition: 17th September – 29th October 2016
    Selected Work:  Maria Dundakova «SONG» 1-10, Installation «JOY», «FIREPLACE» Objects, «FLOW & SUN» Painting.
  • NATURE ART CUBE EXHIBITION of Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale 2017 South Korea.
    Duration of Exhibition:  27 – November 30, 2017.
    Selected Work:  Maria Dundakova “A sunbeam plays with its shadow! What’s your name ?”
  • The  7th. GEUMGANG NATURE ART BIENNALE ,Video Exhibition « WATER «  Original downtown and Jemincheon(small river) in Gongju Korea .
    Duration of Exhibition: 10th August – 16th October 2016

    Selected 3 videos Works: «  GRAVITATION RHYTHM » An individual between the tides» , « TROPICAL FLOW», « NOBODY UNDER THE SUN  ».www.videokunst.chMaria Dundakova


    GUAN SHAN YUE ART MUSEUM,  SHENZHEN, China , September 10-26.2016
    Selected Work: Maria Dundakova(Switzerland) „How old is the wind? Why does the black bear sleep?“of cyclic works “At Home” project

  • Participation in The exhibition international Paper Art Biennial 2015, Big size works « Share Innovations » Vivacom Art Hall Sofia with Urban life project, « One sq.m. of sky, one street, many ways » , installation, paper art objects and interdisciplinary collaborative-performance
  • Participation in « The Events Extravaganza » from Bozzetto (Magazine for art and culture) , Cabaret Voltair Zürich «Tropical Garu Song » interdisciplinary collaborative video – performance, from the project Tropical Flow
  • Participation in The exhibition Art Festival “Communication for Global Ecology and Human Right”. Konkuk University Gallery in Seoul, Korea with installation « Rules of the games »
  • Participation in The Special Exhibition of Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale 2015 天地間展 www.natureartbiennale.org. Geumgang Nature Art Center. The Exhibition Between Heaven & Earth, with Poem « Landscape sound score »
  • Participation in The International Drawing Biennale Polish Art Foundation Incorporated, Victoria Melbourne , Australia Honorable mention from the cycle Stone Rite « Memory »
  • Participation in The Beijing International Art Biennale – 北京国际美术双年展 Memory and Dreams. National Art Museum of China. From the cycle The Farmhouse landscape Memory project « The Wind & Silence » http://www.bjbiennale.com.cn/en/reports.aspx?id=78
  • Artistic Residency/Itacare – Ba – Brasil Pencamento Tropical Art Center , Realization of « Tropical flow » project, photography Cycle, Video, Nature art works and tropical sound research.
  • Participation in the The 2nd International Art Biennial of Buenos Aires, organized by the National Museum of Fine Arts, with the ”Tropical Flow “ project, photography, video, soundscape, performance, installation
  • Participation in The  Exhibition  „Art with Chocolate“  with works from  the cycles “La vie douce & la vie amère” and “Modern Time”Museum Ritter, Marli Hoppe – Ritter, Stiftung zur Förderung der Kunst Waldenbuch / Germany.  http://www.museum-ritter.de, 13 May until 30 September 2012
  • Participation in the Geumgang nature art biennale 2012  with the project  Stone Rite 2012 „The wind song way  „, „Singing house between Earth and Sky“, Geumgang nature art biennale 2012 “Nature, Human Being and Sound“, Opening 26 September, Gongju, South Korea  www.natureartbiennale.org
  • Group exhibition: Drei Positionen
    Heinz Anderrüti – Maria Dundakova – Ernst Schurtenberger
    Galerie Pia-Anna Borner www.galerie-borner.ch
    Luzern, Switzerland
  • Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg
    50 Jahre Druckwerkstatt Schloss Wolfsburg, Deutschland
  • 6th International Drawing Biennale, Polish Art Foundation,
    www.benallaartgallery.co, Melbourn Vctoria 3166, Australia 
  • The 1st Exbition of YATOO International project
    www.yatooi.com, Geumgang Natur Art Center South Korea
  • Die Nacht
    Galerie Pia-Anna Borner Luzern, Switzerland
    Painting installation „Moonlight“
  • Language of flowers –
    Schützenhaus Zofingen, Switzerland
    Painting installation „The pulse of the flower bird“
  • Expanded Painting, Dialog Basel/Wien
    Projekt  „Every day stories! The disasters in Japan: a homage www.expanded-painting.net/wien Künstlerhaus Wien

New relationship with the natural & urban environment and its inexhaustible energy resources. Nature = Architecture


  • Project  ”Gravitation” – Real Life and Geo Topos, video and sound installation
  • Project Sun Rite “Gravitation”. Inexhaustible energy resource and magnetic-field energy, video
  • Project “Geo topos”. Magnetic-field landscape, photography cycle
  • Project Bees Score – Diary of light and colour vibration, Painting
  • Project „Green erotic dance“ Rio and Sao Paulo, Brasil
  • Project „Touch in the landscape“
  • YATOO Artist in Residence 2009 South Korea
  • Solo Exhibition Natur Art Centre at Yeomisan Natur Art Park and Galerie Ko in Gongju, Korea South
  • HOT ART FAIR ’09 Artist Lounge curated from Veronica Weinstein, Basel
Visual and audible dialog between urban and nature environment
  • Project “The wave – Water architecture“, Project “A cloud in the city” Linz 09
  • Participation at International Dance Biennale SEARA with Project “Gravitation”, Fortaleza/Brasil
  • Participation at annual group exhibition of Kunsthalle Basel/Switzerland
The language of nature &The body language
  • Solo exhibition: Brasilea Art Foundation, Basle, Switzerland
    Painting, Photographie and sound installation
    Video-Dance Project “Hey wave! – A Man and a Wave”
    Dance: Carlos Anthonio dos Santos
    Sound installation: Documentation of real-life „Atlantic song“
    “Bees Score“, polychrome Painting and polyphonic interplay in cooperation with Eddi Lecesne, sound designer
    Photos installation: Urban landscape and drawings
  • Participation at International Geumgang Nature Art Pre – Biennale South Korea
  • Group exhibition, National Koreen Museum
To let the language of Nature become audible
  • Group exhibition of E.S Ambül, M. Dundakova (painting & drawings), D. Wespi, Galerie Pia-Anna Borner, Lucerne, Switzerland
    Multimedia Project “Hey wave”, with the composer of electronic music Johannes
  • IMEB Festival international de Musique et Créations Electroniques, Synthèses 2006, Bourges, France. Multimedia Project “Hey wave!”, with the composer of electronic music Johannes Schütt
  • Participation in the International Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2006 South Korea
    Project “Singing Mountain”, soundscape for five Monoliths,
    CD production “Stone Rite” – Monolith song
  • Partipation at annual group exhibition of Kunstmuseum Solothurn, Switzerland
  • Participationin the exhibition “Silencio&Rumore”, Centro Culturale Svizzero, Milano/Italy, Curated by: Paolo Bianchi, Barbara Fässler
    “What’s your name?” and soundscape “How are you?”: interplay between these two projects. Video und pigment painting installation

Light Choreography, polychromy und polyphony, personal and impersonal presence and …absence. Emotion as material

  • Interaction between 2 projects: Project “What’s your name?”, sculpture and painting moved by sunlight. Spatial installation with light play: photos, painting, drawingsand Project “How are you?”, moved sound sculpture, score sound “topos”, sound fluctuations, Sound installation produced with record documentation of an antiwar demonstration und GPS tracks. DVD production “What’s your name? How are you?”
    This project has been supported by Bundesamt für Kultur (Swiss Federal Office of Culture) aspects of picture and word in the project “How are you?”, picture codification with numbers, symbols, letters, sound, etc., yielding to a new embracing aesthetic of language, Art Book
  • “By day light” – Homage to James Joyce, project for an installation.
    Project “Passion – the journey”, The Vierwaldstättersee in Lucerne becomes a score. He gives an audible topography of life. Project supported by Aargauisches Kuratorium (Board of Trustees of the Swiss Canton of Aargau)
  • Participation with work group “Evidence” in exhibition at Kunsthaus Grenchen, “20 Interviews”, Curated by: Christoph Lichtin; Maria Dundakova interviewed by Annelise Zwez. Project for installation and mural painting “Je dors à demi”
    Project “Sun Wind – The Monolith”: project to form a landscape
  • “IMEB”, 33rd Festival International des Musique et Créations Electroniques, Synthèses 2003, Bourges, France, project for electronic sound and image installation “J’aime ma famille”
    Project “Ma nature verte” in Project “Verte je t’aime verte“, photo cycle, poem. Installation Project “Sun Rite – La Terre, ma passion”, project for painting and sound-installation
    Project “Evidence” Hommage à Gilles Deuleuze, choreography with animated and static colour pictures. Project “Ici et hors d’ici”, assemblage from magazine cover “Les Tablettes” 1917-1919’ Switzerland
  • Solo exhibition at Galerie Pia-Anna Borner, Lucerne, Switzerland. Project “Ich-Story” – cycle, black and white photograms, drawings, photos
  • Participation with the work cycle “+-0 works” in the exposition “Homage to the Art magazine +-0” and to the editor family Rona, Galerie les contemporains +-0, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Participation at annual group exhibition of Kunstmuseum with work group “Evidence“, Solothurn, Switzerland
  • Work for electronic music and multimedia spatial-installation, CD “Solstice” in co-operation with audio-designer Holger Stenschke, presented and performed at “IMEB”, the 32nd Festival International de Musique et Créations Electroniques, Synthèses 2002, Bourges, France
  • Solo exhibition “Salt and Honey” at the Town Hall of Aarau, Switzerland. Development of Project “Farmhouse – Aarau”, photos, drawings, paper objects, music installation and sound performance “Solstice”
  • Solo exhibition at Schützenhaus in Safenwil, Switzerland.
  • Project “Time Story”, Painting, photos, objects, drawings and graphics. Project for electronic sound and image installation “Verte, je t’aime verte”
  • Project “Modern Time”, public art, development of Project “Communication Art”, drawing cycle, photos of urban human life
  • Solo exhibition “I am”, photos, drawings, photogram at Galerie Pia-Anna Borner, Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Exhibition at Galerie “Goldenes Kalb”, parts from the Cycle “Modern Time”, Aarau, Switzerland
  • Participation in the Annual exposition of Kunsthaus, Aarau, with video “Berlin Tide” from Project “Sun Rite – Rhythm/Zero time as now time”
  • Solo exhibition, simultaneously in the Galerie Felix Schenker, Kunstraum Lucerne, colour photos and performance with picture input and radio mix
  • Galerie Pia-Anna Borner, paintings Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Realization of the video dance Project “Hey Wave”, dialog between body language and nature language. Dance: Carlos Antonio dos Santos, Salvador, Brazil
Landscape – aspects of behaviour in urban living space


  • Project “Sun Rite – Green, I love you green” based on a poem by Garcia Lorca, cycle colour photos, installation, performance
  • Solo exhibition at Kunstraum, Herisau,Switzerland, theme: the Soil Installation with a haystack and picture cycle from “Honey” performance, ”Dance of the meadow”, Michal Wolf, dancer, Martin Neukomm, electronic music and Jaques Widmer, percussion
  • Solo exhibition and performance with picture input and electronic music, at Galerie Zimmermann-Haus, Brugg, Switzerland, cycle colour photos from Project “Sun Rite – Tides”
  • Guest lecturer at the University of Dramatic Art “Ernst Busch”, Multimedia Theater, Berlin, Germany Final spectacle with students “Berlin mon amour”, Berlin, Germany
  • Project “Rhythm – Berlin –Tokio” transition from year 1999 to 2000
  • Realization of the video “Berlin Tides”
  • Exhibition “Sun Rite – Berlin Tides” at Galerie Frauen-Kunstforum, Bern, Switzerland. Performance mit DJ Wanda, Mona und Paco Manzares
  • Realization of the Project “Sun Rite – Berlin Tides”, cycle of colour photos and video instalation
  • Invitation to participate in the UNESCO Congress at Cagliari, Sardinia, for Art and Environment. European Environment Art projects for the year 2000, starting a new epoch, Lecture Development of the Multicultural Environment Art project
  • “Sun Rite 2000”, Cagliari, Sardinia. Performance “Sun Rite – The Core and the Fruit”, with Brazilian dancer Carlos Anthonio dos Santos and César Volpe, Cagliari, Sardinia
  • Solo exhibition with the Project “The core and the fruit” at Galerie Frauen-Kunstforum, Bern, Switzerland. Installation red monochrome painting, Racu sculptures (Japanese open fire ceramics), cycle of colour photos from the Project “Sun Rite – The dance of the Fire”
  • Performance “The core and the fruit” at open air cinema, with manually moved image – light pulses (slides) with dramaturgical elaboration together with Martin Neukomm, composer of electronic music, Marco Bähler, digeridoo, and Jacques Widmer, percussion, Kunstmuseum, Bern, Switzerland
  • Performance “Sun Rite – The dance of the Fire”, in co-operation with Martin Neukomm, composer of electronic music, Marco Bähler, digeridoo, and Jacques Widmer, percussion at the Botanic Garden, Bern, Switzerland
  • During the Festival “Orfeus and the four elements” performance “The fruit and the core” with music, picture pulses and vocal intervention by the women choir “La voix cosmique bulgare” in Dutch (de pit an de vrucht), Martin Neukomm, electronic music, Marco Beller (didgeridoo) in De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Landscape – flow of migrationInvitation to Luxembourg, Cultural City of Europe, by Minister for Culture of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to create an crossover Project for the Valley of the Corn, that is Petange – Longwy –Athus, within the international Land art Project “Art and Environment
  • Development of the cyclic Project Sun Rite “La Mémoire du Geste”, joining the three countries Belgium, France and LuxembourLandscape interacting between natural and social event as well as with the lights of the motorway joining the three countries (dance of lights).
  • Further sketches for seasonal development of the Project Sun Rite: – “Solstice”and “Summer”, “Hommage à la Terre”, earth sculpture
  • Solo exhibition of Project “Sun Rite – La Mémoire du Geste”, organized by the Culture Department of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Solo exhibition with sketches for the “Project Sun Rite – Mémoire du Geste” at Galerie Schönenberger Kirchberg, Switzerland
  • Solo exhibition Galerie 6 “Sagen”, Aarau, Switzerland

Landscape as an energie-based matter Landscape as an event: Red colour = red energy. Human body language interacting with the language of nature, choreography of body and landscape

  • Realization of the Project “Sun Rite – The Core and the Fruit”: monochrome earth painting, with red mineral pigment, colour photos cycle Performance in a volcano crater at Lanzarot, Spain
  • Development of the project “Sun Rite-Baptism-Bom Dia Copacabana”, installation, painting
  • Presentation of the project “Sun Rite – Baptism” with performance
    “A Man and a Wave”, Beach Apoi d’or, Rio de Janeiro, with the dancer Carlos dos Santos and music of Hermeto Pascoal
  • Solo exhibition crossover Project “Sun Rite – work in progress
  • “Bom dia Copacabana” in the spaces of Fundaçao Progresso (40/20m), under patronage of the Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, as part of the cultural program of the UN Conference on Environment, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For the opening of the UN Conference on Environment, Rio 92, first performance of “The Earth – Bom Dia Copacabana” with 24 Brazilian dancers, thus developing the large format picture “Bom Dia Copacabana” in 24 parts. Installation with colour photos of the Cycle “Sun Rite Baptism”, Second performance “Bom Dia Copacabana” with dancers Carlo Antonio Dos Santos und Cesar Volpe . Third concluding performance “Come and Go” with 24 Brazilian dancers
  • Participation to Film Festival “Art and Environment”, curated by Jane Fonda (American actress), with the projection of “Sun Rite for Anna Livia – homage to James Joyce”, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Project “Sun Rite”, starts at the lowest point on earth (Dead Sea) and develops in the Irish and Brazilian landscape. Personal invitation of the City of Dublin, by the President of Ireland Mary Robinson und the Minister of the Environment Mary Harney to create an City Art Work about James Joyce and the river Liffey (his Anna Livia in Finnegans Wake), which separates the city of Dublin in two parts. This was an event for Dublin as Cultural City of Europe
  • Video work Project “Sun Rite for Anna Livia”, with music by Bruno Spoerri
  • City art work performance, Public Art Intervention at O’Connell Bridge with huge light publicity “Liffey runs in black, blue, red, yellow and green“. Performance and huge street installation with wall posters and public participation. “For Anna Livia – Homage to James Joyce” in Dublin, Cultural City of Europe 1991
  • Video première, Museum of Modern Art, Dublin/Ireland. Yellow and blue energy as language of nature interacting with human language
  • 21st Biennale, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Personal invitation by the curator Joao Candido Calvao to realize the Project “Sun Rite – Baptism”, Past, Present und vision of the Future
  • Colour photos und spatial installation, painting “Echo Wall” with ad hoc music of the Swiss composer Bruno Spoerri
  • Live performance “Day and Night” with Brazilian dancers Carlos dos Santos and César Volpe with music of Bruno Spoerri.As a result of the spectacular success at the Biennale of Sao Paulo, invitation by the of the UN Art Committee in Rio de Janeiro and the Museum von Modern Art in Rio to realize the future vision Project “Sun Rite – Baptism” in the Beach of Copacabana and the Beach Apoi d’or for the opening of the UN Conference on Environment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dramaturgical script of the natural space: landscape simultaneously as memory and desire


  • Projects Sun Rite, “Stone Rite” and colour photos series, graphics, Massada, Israel
  • Group exhibition ‘Five masters of the carborundum technique’, Galerie Nievergelt, Oerlikon, Switzerland
  • Solo exhibition at Galerie Heidi Schneider, paper objects and drawings Horgen, Switzerland
  • Group exhibition “Art Beyond Barriers”, with Project “Farmhouse”, Installation at the Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany
  • Grosse Kunstausstellung im Haus der Kunst, invited special guest with the installation of the “Farmhouse” Project, Munich, Germany
  • 2nd International Body-Art, Cologne, with an solo exhibition and performance of “Le Sacre du Printemps” in Town Hall, Cologne, Germany
  • Solo exhibition with Project “Farmhouse” in Galerie Hermes, installation paper objects,draving, Solothurn, Switzerland, with sound performance “Alphorn and electronics music“ of composer Bruno Spoerri
Colour as ritual element in natural space. The human body as architecture
  • Realization of Project “Le Sacre du Printemps” in the Sinai desert: body language interacting with landscape; colour photos cycle, direct drawings on earth with mineral pigments, pictures, paintings, videos in co-operation with the composer of electronic music Bruno Spoerri Sinai, Egypt
  • Participation with installation and performance “Le Sacre du Printemps” in‘ 1st International Body Art‘, MUBA Congress Centre, Basle, Switzerland
  • Solo exhibition, Kunsthaus St. Alban, colour photos cycle from the Project “Le Sacre du Printemps”, Basle, Switzerland
    Realization of Project “Farmhouse”, hand-made paper print of a Swiss farmhouse in demolition. Installations in urban living space: pictures, colour photos cycle, paper objects and performance “Earth time, Earth body”, Aarau, Switzerland
  • Participation in ‘Paper Art‘, Kulturmühle, Lützelflüh, Switzerland
  • Monochrome paintings: Dramaturgical tension between colour, movement and time, colour as space: pictures, paintings
  • 7th Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden, with Galerie Del Mese-Fischer
  • ‘One Woman Show’, 18th Intern. Art Fair, Special invitation of the Fair direction, Basle, Switzerland
  • Participation in ‘International Graphic Arts‘ and ‘Small Formats‘, Galerie Del Mese-Fischer, Meisterschwanden, Switzerland
  • Group exhibition “Object Art”, Art Museum, Grenchen/Switzerland
  • Group exhibition ‘Art Book’, Galerie Heidi Schneider, Horgen, Switzerland
  • Transformation from sound to colour and from colour to sound, the dramatic mouvement of dance in space, theme: “Le Sacre du Printemps” by Igor Stravinsky, painting on large surfaces
  • Solo exhibition ‘Art & architecture’, Gallery Swiss Bank Corporation, painting cycle “Le Sacre du Printemps” and performance with music of Igor Stravinsky, Aarau, Switzerland
  • Participation in exposition ‘Swiss Paper Art’ and ‘Small Formats’, Galerie Del Mese-Fischer, Meisterschwanden, Switzerland
  • Body language as energy project «Public Art & Communication Art»
  • Participation with colour photos cycle, earth drawings, works with blue and yellow pigments in exhibition ‘Signes – Écritures dans l’art actuel’, Art, Vidéo & Cinéma, FIAG, ‘Écritures, Lettre & Signe’, Performance with ‘Groupe de Lettristes’, (AILS) Grand Palais, Paris, France
  • Solo exhibition ‘Écritures + Papiers’, Galerie Michel Broomhead, Paris, France
  • Solo exhibition Cycle “Trace de pas”, colour photos, design, paper objects, Galerie Toni Brechbühl, Grenchen, Switzerland
Interaction between the language of nature and the human language


  • Solo exhibition with drawings and paper objects in Centro di Cultura e Creatività, Arte Contemporanea, Curated by Simonetta Correi, Osmate/Varese, Italy
  • Participation in exhibition ‘Signes – Écritures dans l’art modern’, Grand Palais, Paris, France
  • Environment Art: “Choreography of the ritual space, Blue and Yellow colour as energy”, Project “My landscape – The Path of the Shaman”
  • Performance in the Sinai desert; monochrome blue and monochrome yellow earth paintings, live actions in the nature; cycle with colour photos, paper objects, picture, choreography. Sinai, Egypt
  • Participation with “Tile project” in exhibition 13 artiste de Europe et USA, ‘Paper – a new artistic language’, Musée des Arts décoratifs, Lausanne, and Museum Bellerive, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Urban migration and nature landscape “Tile project”, installation and performance in the nature and in urban landscapes, works with paper as material, pictures, drawings and large series of colour photos
  • Participation in ‘Aspects of Contemporary Art’, Grand Palais, Paris, France
  • Participation in ‘Salon Ecriture’, Centre d’Art Contemporain, 34, Rue du Louvre, Paris, France
  • Group exhibition in Exposition Suisse 81, Delémont/ Switzerland
  • Group exhibition “10 Artists from Solothurn”, Greyerzer Museum, Bulle,  Switzerland
  • Solo exhibition at Galerie Hofstadt with “Tile project”, installation with paper objects, colour photos; performance “Come and go”
    with picture pulses and guitar music, Oberfrick, Switzerland
  • Participation in ‘Salon la lettre et le signe’, Centre d’Art et de Dessin, Paris, France
  • Group exhibition ‘Human Structure’ in Galerie ‘Cahiers de la Peinture’, Paris, France
  • Solo exhibition with Project “Communication Art”, exchanging with the public during two weeks at Modern Museum of Fine Arts, Palais de Rumine, Lausanne, Switzerland, which resulted in video “Interactive Signs as input of communication” in co-operation with the museum
  • Co-operation with ‘Le groupe de Lettriste’ (Isidore Isou, Maurice Lemaître, Roland Sabatier, Gérard Broutin, etc)
  • Participation in ‘Salon Ecritures 79’, Musée du Luxembourg,  Paris, France
  • Group exhibition ‘L’Estampe d’aujourd’hui 1973-78’, Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris, France
  • Participation in ‘Salon la lettre et le signe – Expression de tous les domaines de la Culture et la Vie’ with the cycle «Communication Art» including ritual public art choreography «Globus», with the performance group «Laila» (students of the American art producer Robert Wilson), Musée du Luxembourg, Paris, France
  • Participation to ‘Salon Ecriture, L’Eclatement de l’écriture dans l’espace’, Musée du Luxembourg, (October 3rd-31st), Lettristes, Hypergraphie, Art Corporel, Paris, France
  • Solo exhibition «Project Communication Art», Galerie Art Arena, Zurich,  Switzerland

Public art & art media

  • “Internationale Aktionen Blumenhalde”, Aarau, Urban Communication, installation and Press Art Action, Performance “Silber & Gold” with Daniel Spoerri
  • Public Art Action, “Ich Habe“ with Peter Handke
  • Participation to in exhibition ‘Aktion Blumenhalde’, Kunstmuseum Aarau, Switzerland
  • Street installation with “Printing Press” and intervention in the urban spaces with the “Groupe de Lettristes”, Paris, France
  • Participation to “Textiles appliqués” with objects for “Soft Art Interieur”, Musée Château d’Annecy, France

Public City Art Intervention

  • Project “Communication Art” Realization of screen printing ink on large surfaces of commercial posters in the Foundation for international graphics (graphic ateliers of Schloss Wolfsburg). Parts of the silk-screen printings entered in the art collection, Wolfsburg/ Germany
  • Realization of the Project “Visual poetry” (drawings) and the cycle “Swiss Public Art“ (objects)
Umberto Eco and the Urban Semiotics
  • Thanks to the ‘Prix de la Ville de Paris’, participation at ‘Biennale of Futurology’, together with Nobel prize winners at the Villa Nobel (earlier residence of Alfred Nobel), San Remo, Italy
  • Lecture ‘Art and Environment‘ Solo exhibition Project “Rules of the Game”, in connection with the Biennale of Futurology at Villa Nobel and in the Galeria Beneamino, San Remo, Italy
Sign, Language & Media in the urban communication


  • “Rules of the Game”, cycle of etchings and lithographies
  • Solo exhibition in Galerie Annick le Moine Soft ART, Paris/France
  • Opening of an own ’Atelier for original print graphics’
Color space energy, painting on large surfaces and soft-art sculptures
  • ‘Prix de la Ville de Paris’ for painting
  • Solo exhibition at the Banque Américaine and the Banque Nationale de Paris together with Sonia Delaunay, Paris, France curated by Mrs. Linz-Einstein
  • Prix du Salon International de Paris, France
  • Solo exhibition in Warsaw and participation in Lodz at the Museum for Modern Textile Art, together with Antoni Starczewski, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Maria Lastkiewicz, Polen
  • Courses of Body Language and Performance Art with Jerzy Grotovski in Wrozlaw, Polen
  • Participation in exhibition at Museum of Decorative Arts, Hradec Kralové, Czech Republic, and in the ‘XIe Salon International’, Paris,  France
  • Scholarship for textile design at University for Applied Arts in Prague,  Czech Republic
  • Participation in expositions of experimental “Art Protis” (patented techniques for czechoslovaquian textile design), interieur textile design in Prague, Paris, London, Brussels, Hamburg
  • Education in body language
  • Art director in feature and documentary films.
  • Final Diploma “Master of Art”
  • Final Diploma Unversity for Fine Arts Sofia/Bulgaria
    Master Class: ‘Art and architecture space’
    (all Art – techniques for inside and outside)