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MARIA DUNDAKOVA  „CITY OF NOW“ project  2018-9

Statement:  „CITY OF NOW „ is an interdisciplinary work in which life events occurring between heaven and Earth, seemingly unmoved soil static and the real energy of changing sunlight oscillation all interact with one another.

The work  in progress „CITY OF NOW – Global City“ symbolizes urban life and the protective social reality of being. In the „house window“, fluctuating polychrome sunlight manifestations relate the unending day and night stories of pulsating life and death in inhabited houses and settlements.

I call my work „Architecture of Emotions” because every single tile conceals within it a specific strength of the urban surroundings.

Subject: A house = an existence. An architecture of life, a roof over one’s head, a dream and many, many lives. A tile consists of burnt earth. It is an age-old symbol of mankind’s presence. The individual tiles constitute a modular system. They symbolize the global city, the social reality of our being. Plain tiles have covered the roofs of farmhouses in Switzerland for many generations.

The work in progress „CITY OF NOW „project : Video and soundscape installation, drawing, limited original-object edition, book and original-graphic edition.

Limited original-object edition, „CITY OF NOW“  Material and technique:

The individual objects consist of burnt Swiss ceramic roof tiles. In the small ceramic aperture (reminiscent of a house window) a 7-inch video monitor is installed which shows moved, polychrome, fluctuating sunlight manifestations from the video „WHAT’S YOUR  NAME?“  and „HOW ARE YOU?“ polyphonic „Every day“ sound sculptur. Size 6 x 14 zoll   Order: dundakova@gmail.com  or www.dundakova.net.ARTIST WORK  „ CITY OF NOW“ – Global cityMaria Dundakova  2018 Basel  Schwitzerland