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„TROPICAL FLOW “ Video Installation



Visuals: rhythmically superimposed colour photos from the „Tropical Flow“ cycle (without any digital alteration or creative Photoshop effects), shot in the tropical forest of North-eastern Brazil in 2014.

Editing: the photos (not a slide show) are edited to the bodily rhythms of inhalation and exhalation. 

Soundtrack: recordings of forest sounds (without any electronic effects) at sunrise, during the day and at night, and in rain, sunshine and morning dew.



Video installation with 5x time difference: Five identical videos are projected onto a wall (minimum 5 x1 m width) at intervals of one second. A spatial dialogue takes place between the drawn-out rhythms of change and the living presence of people – „a natural life performance“.


In the dense vegetation of North-eastern Brazil’s Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica), the colourful chorus of woodland life – the rhythmic birdsong, crickets, wind, animal cries, the sound of falling raindrops – permeates the forest’s mysterious shadows.

Delicate poetry of moonlight and dark nights full of secrets awaken to blossom and fruit in the heat of the day.

The shadows created by the palm-trees evoke ancient legends and riddles. Whispered tales, the aroma of the cocoa tree, unknown dangers and a yearning for love seem to murmur deep in the warm, tropical earth.

Rainstorms, the thunder of lightning bolts and thick, fast-moving clouds feed the forest’s watercourses and proclaim that death is no more than a drop in the endless stream of life.

Scenario, director, producer, photos, sound recording: Maria Dundakova
Video editing: Eddi Lecesne
Video production/distribution: Atelier für Gestaltung, Basel
Format single version: HD (1280x720p);  Length: 8 min 42 sec
Format multi version: full HD (1920x1080p); Length: 8 min 35 sec

Author: Maria Dundakova ©