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From Lausanne To Beijing, 9th International Fiber Art Biennale 2016, Guan Shan Yue Art Museum, Shenzen China

We are pleased to announce that the selection of entry artworks by the jury has successfully completed. We have received a total entry of 963 from 50 countries around the world (651 from China and 312 from overseas). 221 excellent artworks (104 from China and 117 from overseas), which make approx 23% of the entire entry, are juried in for display at the upcoming Exhibition. The list of selected works is as follows:

September 10—26, 2016 

Selected work: Maria Dundakova(Switzerland) « HOW OLD IS THE WIND ? WHY DOES THE BLACK BEAR SLEEP ? » of cyclic works “At Home” project.

Material: Cotton (long-fiber), earth pigments, plant fibers, genuine Iceland sheepskin

Technique: Cast of a shepherd’s hut (wooden wall) using cotton-based paper pulp, plant fibers; sheepskin installation.

Format: Dimensions: 133 cm high; 135 cm wide (top), 97 cm wide (bottom), 30 cm deep



The pulse of life’s rhythms is stored in the tensions between the tree rings. The inside and outside walls of the house contain memories of people’s lives, seasons, wind, rain and sun. The artist thus engages in dialogue with the living environment. Using cotton-fibre paper pulp, the artist has produced paper imprints obtained directly from the weathered wall of a farmhouse. The human skin is the body’s largest sensor, sending impulses between the internal and external environment.

Clothing, whether made from natural or synthetic fibers, protects us from our environment. At the same time, every form and every material conveys status and influences interpersonal communication, the interaction between experience, creativity and the expression of our state of mind, as well as representing the personal or the impersonal in our everyday lives.

Animal skins, leather, silkworm cocoons and plant fibers are materials that have helped or enabled mankind to further develop. Body language and the language of materials are expressions of the need to communicate – from person to person, to the environment and the living space, and for social intercommunication

 The  7th. GEUMGANG NATURE ART BIENNALE ,Video Exhibition « WATER »  Original downtown and Jemincheon (small river) in Gongju Korea S. Duration of Exhibition: 10th August – 16th October 2016

Selected 3 videos Works: «  GRAVITATION RHYTHM  An individual between the tides » , « TROPICAL FLOW » , «NOBODY UNDER THE SUN ». 
 www.videokunst.chMaria Dundakova
« GRAVITATION RHYTHM  An individual between the tides », video still